The Foundation

The Foundation of UseClark is built upon 8 Brain Principles. Use them to empower your job!

The Foundation


We offer in-person and electronic training sessions in speed reading, mind mapping, and memory techniques. See our list of courses to decide which one is right for your company.



We’ve developed a UseClark iOS app and Chrome extension to help you read documents faster and better process information.


We at UseClark have been teaching reading and memory techniques for 10 years and counting. The UseClark method is the product of our experience.

Save time

With our techniques, you will be able to read at least twice as fast, and more effectively too. As a result, you'll have more time to apply what you've read.

More focus

Our training and apps help you to focus better and get a clearer overview of the documents you have to read. You'll work more effectively and find peace of mind, too

Memory boost

Applying the techniques also improves your memory. By having a better overview of what you've read, you can easily retrieve information from memory at any time.

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Over 70,000 people have already tested and proven that the UseClark method works!

The ideal training for people who come across a lot of reading material in their occupation. Many practical and easy to learn techniques and methods that certainly making working life enjoyable.

Daniël van Helden
Psychologist, Berenschot

My productivity has increased 30%. I apply the techniques primarily to my professional literature. The biggest surprise to me was that speed-reading is mainly a physical act. That was an eye opener.

Jeroen Bos
Lawyer, Allen & Overy

It is a soundly researched seminar and the results are phenomenal. I walked out with more tips and advice than I had initially expected. Highly recommended! -

Jacqueline Traten
Account Manager, Rabobank

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