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We’ve built a set of tools that helps you, process information faster and better. You’ll read and remember documents like never before.

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Yes, you've read that right

To help you understand how UseClark works, we would like to show you the key features we've created.

Our 3 main features

Guiding your eyes

We like to call this reading karaoke. We light up words to guide your eyes. The effect is that you automatically read much faster with a better understanding of the text.


We give you an automatic summary of the text you just read. This makes it easier to remember and easy to share the most important points with colleagues and friends.


If you integrate our tool in your website, you get something special. Based on our technology we know exactly how your articles are read. We can give you detailed heatmaps of the reading behavior of your visitors.


Integrate our tool in your website to give your readers a great reading experience and get valuable data on your readers behavior.

Browser plugin

With our plugin you can use UseClark in any website. Read and remember articles like never before and share your summaries with friends and colleagues.

Tablet/Smartphone app

UseClark will be available as a document reader on your tablet, smartphone, and destop. It can process all your document types (PDF, .Doc, ePub and HTML).

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In short.
We're an Amsterdam based start-up. And we believe that reading digital information should be easy.


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