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Team UseClark

Our vision

Most people don’t understand how their brain works, and overburden their brain as a result. It’s like swimming against a current. Not surprisingly, more than one million people in the Netherlands now suffer from work-related stress.

We’ll show you how your brain works so you can be less distracted and do your work with less effort. It’s not time management, it’s brain management.

What we do

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We write books

We’ve written 4 books where we show how your brain works.

Mark Tigchelaar Russia
We teach courses

In our courses, we begin with methods and apply everything to your own work. The courses are highly practical.

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We develop software

We’ve developed software that makes it easier to read from screens.

More about our software

Our team

Mark Tigchelaar

Mark Tigchelaar

Mark is director and co-founder of the company. He’s also the creator of the UseClark Method.

Oscar de Bos

Oscar de Bos

Oscar is COO and co-founder of UseClark. He’s responsible for the software.

Michelle Vonk

Michelle Vonk

Michelle is a Senior Trainer, and is also closely involved in fine-tuning the courses with our clients.

Robin Pera

Robin Pera

Robin has extensive experience as a Senior Trainer in changing behaviors in his students.

Atilla Mohiddin

Atilla Mohiddin

Atilla is a trainer at heart. He loves interaction and likes to play off the atmosphere of the group.

Peter van Bergen

Peter van Bergen

Senior Trainer Peter coaches knowledge workers so they can do their work with their full attention.

Aalco van den Brink

Aalco van den Brink

Aalco is an enthusiastic personality and Senior Trainer who enjoys training people in Brain Knowledge.

Active in 17 countries

Mark Tigchelaar Russia

We have 42 Master Trainers worldwide trained to teach the Focus Management and Speed Reading & Memory courses locally. Below you can find our local UseClark partners.


A Certified Partner of the UseClark method in Italy.

Via Mosca 52, 00144 Rome (RM) Italy, phone +39 06 92963493

Via Cesare Balbo 25, 20136 Milano (MI) Italy, phone +39 02 48731549

Email: [email protected] Website: equality-italia.it


A Certified Partner of the UseClark method in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

8, 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 4th floor Moscow, Russia, 125047

Phone: +7 495 540 42 82 Email: [email protected] Website: http://gtdrussia.ru

China/Hong Kong

ThrivinAsia Limited

A Certified Partner of the UseClark method in PR China and Hong Kong.

Unit A, 2/F, Trust Tower 68 Johnston Road Wanchai, Hong Kong

Email: [email protected] Website: www.gtd.asia/


BLACK Curaçao Emeli Colen p: +5999 844 0060 w: www.blackcuracao.com e: [email protected]

Middle East


A Certified Partner of UseClark in Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, United Arabia Emirates, and Yemen.

Ground Floor, Villa 198, Street Number 52, District One, Area/Neighborhood 7, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt.

Phone: +2 02 26165755 Email: [email protected] Website: www.brainquil.com


INTELECTUM (Servicios Ejecutivos 18.22, C.A)

A Certified Partner of UseClark in Venezuela.

Edif EASO, PB 7, Ave. Francisco de Miranda, El Rosal, Caracas

Phone: +58-212-952-3473 Mobile: +58 414 3238193 and +58 412 2290213 Email: [email protected] Website: www.intelectum.net/