De Foundation of UseClark


  • It's all a method

    It's all a method

    The methods you use determine how well your brain performs.

  • Fill the void

    Fill the void

    Keep your brain engaged just enough to prevent it from wandering off while reading or listening.

  • Embrace single-tasking

    Embrace single-tasking

    Multi-tasking results in a loss of focus and comprehension. Stick to one task at a time for ultimate performance.

  • Connect the dots

    Connect the dots

    Connecting new knowledge with old knowledge is key to memory and creativity.

  • Think actively

    Think actively

    Actively consider what you're reading or hearing. Don't leave your mind on cruise control!

  • Use images

    Use images

    Images are the language of our brains! Use them to make your memories stick.

  • Use creativity

    Use creativity

    Creative thinking and associations can act as super glue for your memory.

  • Don’t overlearn!

    Don’t overlearn!

    Everything in moderation! Be sure to take time to rest and process the information you've absorbed.