UseClark Focus Reader
A PDF reader that makes it easier to read texts from a screen.

UseClark Focus Reader

Digital texts make us 30% less productive

As you might’ve noticed, reading from a screen is different from reading from paper. Here are the most important differences at a glance.

25% slower

We read 25% slower on screens than we do on paper. That’s because digital texts are backlit (and thus strain our eyes a bit).

Less accurate

When reading digital texts, our eyes have a tendency to lose the line we’re reading, so we absorb the content much more inaccurately.

Forgetting faster

In a book, you know “that subject was in the top left.” With digital texts it’s more difficult because the text is organized in a spaghetti-like pattern. Because of this, we forget the information faster.

Our software

Based on our experience in neuropsychology, we developed software that makes it easier to read and remember digital texts.

Our software is most comparable to Acrobat PDF Reader, with the difference that our software helps you absorb the text.

We do this by guiding your eyes, so it takes less energy for your brain to absorb and retain the information.

Free version

  • Unlimited usage
  • Speed read PDFs

Pro version

  • Work offline
  • Stats of your speed reading progress
  • Sync stats & settings over multiple devices
  • Priority support
  • First to get the upcoming highlights and notes update
  • More features coming up
  • Only €6/month or €60/year!

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