Focus Reader Manual

UseClark Focus Reader


De UseClark Focus Reader Is a PDF reader with a focus mode. The focus mode allows you to guide your eyes which improves your concentration.

  • Works on Windows, Mac or on the Chrome browser.
  • Does not work on tablets or mobile phones.

Extra help

If you want some more help after reading this manual or while trying out the software, you can always chat with us.


Open a PDF

To open a PDF you can press the "Open a PDF" button. You can find this button on the top menu on the left side.


  1. Using the navigation buttons You can find the navigation button on the top menu.

  2. Scrolling Use the scrollwheel to navigate between pages.


  1. Using the zoom buttons You can find the zoom button on the top menu. Focus Reader Zoom Buttons

  2. CTRL + scrollwheel While you press the CTRL button, scrolling upwards is zooming in, scrolling downwards is zooming out.

Focus Mode

Start the Focus Mode

Click on a word within the text and the focus mode will start.

Stop the Focus Mode

Click anywhere while in focus mode to stop the focus mode.

Navigate with the Focus Mode

1. Using the mouse or trackpad

  • Move the mouse gently from left to right, untill the end of the line. You are now guiding your eyes.

  • When you move the mouse from right to left, when you have reached the end. The next line will be selected.

  • Make sure you move the mouse left enough, so you have enough space to move to the right again.

  • After a few tries you will find a rhytm for this.

  • If you feel the mouse is moving to fast or slow, you can change the sensitivity in the top menu.

2. Using the arrow keys

You can use the arrow keys to select a line higher or lower.