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    We need to process information for our work, but we read too slowly to read everything we need to. People try to cope by scanning texts instead of reading them, but then information is missed. How does this affect your business?

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    4 powerful modules

    The modules are combined into 1 or 2-day trainings. We offer them in-company or as a training with open registrations.

    1. Absorbing Information

    Absorb complex information faster and more accurately.

    2. Laser Focus

    Stay focused in a hectic work environment.

    3. Memory Master

    Remember information longer and better.

    4. Mindmapping

    Order information in a visual way to discover relationships and separate essential information from side issues.

    Student Boost

    Do the number of hours you spend studying correspond to the grade you receive? If not, you’re probably not using an effective study method! This course will provide you with a method to study less and achieve higher grades!

    In this course you will learn how to:

    - Focus better
    - Absorb information faster
    - Remember information longer

    UseClark workshops

    It is possible to book UseClark workshops for your conference or seminar. We can customize the content and duration for maximum impact.

    Topics like speed reading, memory, productivity, and mindmapping are all available in short workshops of 1 to 4 hours.

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