Focus Management Course
Close these 6 Concentration Leaks to get more done with less effort

Focus Management - Mark Tigchelaar & David Allen

How can you make sure you’re no longer distracted? How can you quickly switch between deep thinking tasks and incoming messages? How can you work effectively in an open office? And how do you ensure you go home satisfied at the end of the day?

In our Focus Management course, you’ll discover how your brain works so you can easily turn off distractions and better manage your tasks. As a result, you’ll get more done each day with less effort. It’s not time management, it’s brain management.

In this focus course, you’ll learn…

  • What the 6 Concentration Leaks are (and how you can close them)
  • What MTS is and how you can use it to better turn off distractions
  • How to stop your mind from wandering off during meetings
  • What the OHIO principle is and how you can use it to raise your productivity by 120%
  • How we all can work better in open offices
  • How to use your brain more efficiently so you have more energy at the end of the day

The training is very practical in nature, and everything discussed can be applied to your own work.

In short

Highly rated

Our courses are rated an average of 9/10.


We’ve trained more than 100,000 people worldwide.

Follow-up included

Free online coaching included after the course.

Different methods

Brain games, tests, theories, and practical exercises.


The course lasts one day, but can be shortened.


In-house, lectures, workshops, open courses.


Certificate for participants.

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Here’s what you can expect from our focus course

More productive

Get more done with less effort.

More peace of mind

Discover how to clear your mind at the end of the day.

Quick switch

Switch more easily between tasks and projects.

More energy

More energy left at the end of the day.

Less stress

If you know how your brain works, everything becomes easier.

Turn it off

Learn how to ignore noises and distractions.

Follow the Focus Management course together with your colleagues, in-house, or on your own.

This is how we work

Explanation - Mark Tigchelaar

No one likes boring Powerpoint presentations. We certainly don’t! Our courses are very interactive and filled with brain games, exercises, and quizzes.


Our background is in neuropsychology and we know all kinds of things about the brain, concentration, attention, and flow. This focus course is based on 52 scientific studies, and we translate their results into something actionable.

Behavioral changes

The entire course focuses on applying theory to behavior, and we’ve noticed this works best when the desired behaviors are as simple as possible.

Blended learning and coaching

We believe in a combination of classical training and online coaching. We’ve noticed this produces the best results and ensures results last in the long-term.


The Focus Management course ensures reduced stress amongst employees. Employees become more resilient under pressure, and absenteeism decreases. Productivity also increases by an average of 30%.


You hire us to get results. All course participants can receive extra support at no extra cost, or follow a refresher course. This is standard for all of our courses.

Frequently asked questions about concentration, attention, flow, and focus

Isn’t it tiring?

No. The course ensures your work will require less effort.

What is flow?

Flow is the state where we’re fully immersed in a task, it requires little effort, and we get a lot done.