Speed Reading & Memory Course
Fly through your reading list, and gain more ready knowledge

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How can you work through complex articles faster without damaging your comprehension? How can you read from screens more easily? And how can you ensure that you retain all the information in the long-term? In our 1-day Speed Reading & Memory course, you’ll discover different methods to more quickly absorb (complex) information and remember it longer. It will help you stay up-to-date and make more time for other matters. Through a variety of exercises and measurements you’ll see same-day results, and you can immediately apply speed reading methods to your work.

In this speed reading course, you’ll discover…

  • How to read from screens more easily.
  • 4 methods to absorb complex information more quickly.
  • The 3 most important principles of neuropsychology, which make it much easier to absorb information.
  • What the 30-second rule is.
  • The “Name System” to ensure you’ll never again forget a name or face.
  • 15 simple techniques to improve your memory.
  • What the best speed reading software is.

In short

Highly rated

Our courses are rated an average of 9 out of 10.


We’ve trained more than 100,000 people worldwide.

Follow-up included

Free online coaching included after the course.

Different methods

Brain games, tests, theories, and practical exercises.


The course lasts one day, but can be shortened.


In-house, lectures, workshops, open courses.


Certificate for participants.

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Here’s what you can expect from our speed reading course

More information

Absorb information more easily and remember it much longer.

Less stress

Gain control over the large amount of information to be processed.

Better overview

Distinguish more easily between primary and secondary concerns.

More creative

Connect pieces of information with each other and find new insights.

More free time

Less time needed for processing information.


Come prepared to meetings and appointments.

Follow the speed reading and memory course together with your colleagues, in-house, or on your own.

This is how we work

UseClark Training jongleren

No one likes boring Powerpoint presentations. We certainly don’t! Our courses are very interactive and filled with brain games, exercises, and quizzes.


Our background is in neuropsychology and we know all kinds of things about the brain, concentration, attention, and flow. This focus course is based on 52 scientific studies, and we translate their results into something actionable.

Behavioral changes

The entire course focuses on applying theory to behavior, and we’ve noticed this works best when the desired behaviors are as simple as possible.

Blended learning and coaching

We believe in a combination of classical training and online coaching. We’ve noticed this produces the best results and ensures results last in the long-term.

Speed reading software and digital speed reading

We're the only people in the Netherlands to develop speed reading software. Our software makes it easier to read from screens, and is included in all of our courses.


After the course, most people can read twice as fast and have above average text comprehension. You'll be able to concentrate better and remember information 70% longer than before the course.


You hire us to get results. All course participants can receive extra support at no extra cost, or follow a refresher course. This is standard for all of our courses.

Frequently asked questions about speed reading

Does speed reading also work for those with dyslexia, ADHD, etc.?

Yes, absolutely. But it’s important to realize that these come in different forms and intensities, so it’s good to let your trainer know about conditions in advance. He/she can then draw up a personalized plan with you and adjust the course accordingly.

Won’t speed reading hurt my text comprehension?

The simple answer: no… it actually increases! This happens because our brains normally have leftover space for wandering off while reading. During the speed reading course, you’ll learn to fill this void.

Can I still read normally after the course?

Yes, of course. The course increases your speed reading skills, and thus gives you options. You can then decide for yourself when and how to use the speed reading and memory techniques.

Can you also speed read on screens?

Absolutely. You’ll discover how to do so during the course. We’ll show you different methods, plus reading software you can use for this.